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consumer choice award 2024


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Mold Testing

 Do you smell mold in your home? You may notice something in your home that "appears" to be mold, but without testing you can't be sure. Mold Insight specializes in mold testing and will let you know if you have a mold problem.

Mold Inspections

Do you smell a moldy, musty, odour and don't know where it's coming from? Did you have a past flood or leak and now see what looks like mold? Are you worried mold is making you sick? A mold inspection will answer all of these questions for you.

Infrared Inspections

Can infrared technology  provide clues for finding mold and moisture? Absolutely. The technology is extremely sensitive to temperature changes on a given surface and makes infrared inspections one of the best methods for sourcing out mold related issues.



Most strata related issues take place due to moisture ingress for condos. With townhouses, the issues are typically found in the attic and or crawlspace. The situation may cause stress when there is a pending real estate transaction. We identify mold sources and help with mold prevention. 


Taking care of properties for your clients or for yourself can be a daunting and difficult task. You need your answers and problems solved quickly. It is a matter of if, not when, you will be forced to deal with a water or mold problem. Fortunately, Mold Insight understands this issue and is just a click or phone call away.


Mold insight can save you valuable time and money. With our help, you can keep your job on track when faced with a mold problem. Often builders and contractors rely on Mold Insight to help pinpoint a leak, (through an Infrared inspection) provide recommendations for mold removal or mold prevention. 


As a real estate professional or investor, it makes sense to have a dedicated mold investigator on hand to help guide you when you encounter a mold problem. Mold Insight has the experience and answers to help you resolve any mold problem for your clients, so you can get back to the business of buying and selling properties.


Your property is your investment. Finding the root cause of a mold issue, dealing with it, and preventing future mold outbreaks can be tricky. Bad advice can cause a headache. At Mold Insight, we can help save you money, protect your investment and provide peace of mind for your family and tenants.


  • Mold is not a side business, it’s our ONLY business… We have invested heavily into training, investigating, and educating people about mold.
  • We take time to understand what you are dealing with before booking the appointment. This allows us to tailor the inspection to your needs, providing a more effective action plan.
  • There are no questions about conflict of interest. Although we can refer a mold removal company, we operate independently. All services are for the benefit of you, the client.
  • We never overcharge or offer unnecessary services, which is a common problem with this industry. You will ALWAYS pay a fair fee.
  • You will receive our agreement via email prior to every inspection. No unexpected extra fees or nasty surprises.
  • Your inspection report will be detailed and uniquely customized for you. You won’t get one of those typical boiler plate reports.
  • All mold inspections and site visits include useful mold or moisture prevention tips. We know you will benefit from a proactive approach. Read about our Mold Inspections.
  • After your inspection, we will provide you with an action plan before you hire a mold removal company. This gives you and your mold removal company a better understanding on how to deal with the mold.
  • We are IICRC certified mold professionals to ensure you receive the highest standards in the industry. Learn more about the IICRC here.
  • Our inspectors are level one certified for Infrared Thermography. Learn about our Infrared Inspections here.
sean moss

Sean Moss - IICRC Certified Mold Inspector 


Since 2010, Sean has worked as both an Accredited Home Inspector and a Mold Certified inspector. Over the years, he has acquired specialized knowledge and certifications in Building Envelope Science, Mold Inspection, Mold Remediation and Infrared technology.

Sean has been a contributing author for Real Estate Weekly, while being a featured guest with Breakfast Television, Global News, Vancouver Magazine, CKNW News Radio and The Richmond News.  

He shares his knowledge through articles and workshops. Feel free to contact him at 604-729-4261. Check out the Mold Insight resource page for more information and updates.



Sean went over and above to help us find the source of mold found in our home. He is meticulously thorough in his work and that is reflected in his wealth of knowledge and experience in the area. Sean was able to offer us answers to a rather difficult situation where no one else was able to pinpoint for us. I found Sean to be honest, kind, and patient, and he definitely has the homeowners' best interests in mind. I would without a doubt recommend Sean to anyone!

Bonnie Tse



I have known and had the pleasure of working with Sean Moss for almost a decade. In that time, he has earned both my trust and the trust of my clients who endorsed my view of his professionalism by repeatedly engaging him. This commitment allows me to recommend him to my clients with the greatest of confidence, knowing that they are in good hands. It is for that reason that he is my "go to" building professional, mold expert.

Arnold Shuchat



Sean was a thorough and very informative inspector and I was very pleased to have found him on the web as I have never used an inspector before. I was trusting in the many positive reviews that Sean proved to be just as knowledgeable, genuinely keen to assist and educate and was thorough in his findings and report as his previous clients had outlined. Sean had many tips and recommendations to offer along the way that I am certain many inspectors would not take the time to offer. Thank you, Sean for your time and expertise and care!

Julie Moore



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