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Mold Testing

Do you need to verify or rule out the presence of mold in your home or property?

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Mold Inspection

Do you have questions about the possibility of mold in your home or property?

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Consulting Services

Are you looking for answers to difficult questions that may not be relevant to a mold inspection or testing?

specializes in detecting, evaluating, and solving mold problems

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The mold inspection is a visual, non destructive evaluation of the home or property for water damage and mold. 

The moisture & humidity are tested, along with infrared scanning to identify potential clues for moisture issues. The goal of a mold inspection is to evaluate the home, looking for signs of water damage, mold and the specific sources that may be impacting the home or property.

There are a few ways to test for mold in a property, including air quality testing, surface testing and bulk testing. However the most common way is through air quality testing. 

Mold Insight can offer valuable advice and offer solutions on a variety of topics or concerns related to mold, water damage, humidity, ventilation and or DIY (Do it yourself) mold removal.

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Claire RogersClaire Rogers
01:40 03 May 24
We were very impressed with Sean’s knowledge and helpful tips while testing our home. He goes out of his way to be especially helpful and takes extra time to listen to all of your concerns. We would highly recommend him for testing mold in your home or work space.
M ReyesM Reyes
18:43 16 Apr 24
We are very pleased with the level of customer service we received from Sean. Very polite, punctual, and extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him for anyone who is concerned about water damage and or possibly mold exposure in their home. Thanks again Sean!
Mireille SternMireille Stern
01:03 15 Apr 24
Sean is very knowledgeable, reliable and professional. He came to assess our situation and responded with a detailed report that was very thorough. He gave us various options that were not too expensive. We will definitely use him again if we have the need.
Delora HarperDelora Harper
05:44 02 Mar 24
What a great experience dealing with Sean! Right from the initial phone call I knew he would help me with my mold issue. He was prompt, flexible and so kind. He is extremely knowledgeable about mold problems as well as other house issues. When he came to do the work he was well prepared and explained everything he was doing clearly to me. He also added in other information that could help me going forward. I highly recommend Mold Insight for all your mold concerns. Doing business with Sean was a pleasure.
Teddie WTeddie W
03:59 15 Feb 24
Sean is knowledgeable, honest, reliable and punctual! He took his time to check out the house and went above and beyond. The report was detailed and my questions were answered clearly and quickly. I highly recommend Mold Insight.
Maxine “MW67” WMaxine “MW67” W
21:12 24 Dec 23
I have now used the services of Sean Moss of Mold Insight twice in past month. First in my home and then at my studio. I cannot recommend Sean highly enough. Right from our first conversation, he was courteous, curious and extremely professional and thoughtful. Both times when he came to do an inspection he was on time and was very thorough and meticulous in his processes. He explained everything he was doing and left no corner unturned. I felt I was in extremely good hands. Not only due to his level of expertise but also due to the fact that he truly cares about his client’s health and wellbeing. The reports I got back from the lab he used, along with the detailed summary and list of recommendations he provided, were top notch. And he was always willing to answer any and all of my questions to make sure I understood everything. I feel so grateful that he was referred to me and that I decided to use his services. Please don’t hesitate to use him. Again, I cannot recommend him highly enough.
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Our Trusted Clients...

mold testing for strata

Strata Managers

Most strata related issues take place due to moisture ingress for condos. With townhouses, the issues are typically found in the attic and or crawlspace. The situation may cause stress when there is a pending real estate transaction. We identify mold sources and help with mold prevention.

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Property Managers

Taking care of properties for your clients or for yourself can be a daunting and difficult task. You need your answers and problems solved quickly. It is a matter of if, not when, you will be forced to deal with a water or mold problem. Fortunately, Mold Insight understands this issue and is just a click or phone call away.

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General Contractors

Mold insight can save you valuable time and money. With our help, you can keep your job on track when faced with a mold problem. Often builders and contractors rely on Mold Insight to help pinpoint a leak, (through an Infrared inspection) provide recommendations for mold removal or mold prevention.

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Real Estate Brokers & Investors

As a real estate professional or investor, it makes sense to have a dedicated mold investigator on hand to help guide you when you encounter a mold problem. Mold Insight has the experience and answers to help you resolve any mold problem for your clients, so you can get back to the business of buying and selling properties.

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Property Owners & Landlords

Your property is your investment. Finding the root cause of a mold issue, dealing with it, and preventing future mold outbreaks can be tricky. Bad advice can cause a headache. At Mold Insight, we can help save you money, protect your investment and provide peace of mind for your family and tenants.

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Mold Inspections & Testing

Consider Mold Insight your trusted partner for water damage and mold! Our services, include thorough mold inspections, Testing, and consulting to ensure you will be able to handle any issue, whether it involves hiring a mold remediation company, DIY (Do it Yourself) mold removal or an action plan to maintain your home in a safe and effective way. For peace of mind, and a truly unbiased approach to mold inspection and testing, chose Mold Insight today!

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    Why Choose Mold Insight?

    What Makes Mold Insight Different

    Mold is not a side business, it’s our ONLY business… We have invested heavily into training, investigating, and educating people about mold.

    We take time to understand what you are dealing with before booking the appointment. This allows us to tailor the inspection to your needs, providing a more effective action plan.

    There are no questions about conflict of interest. Although we can refer a mold removal company, we operate independently. All services are for the benefit of you, the client.

    We never overcharge or offer unnecessary services, which is a common problem with this industry. You will ALWAYS pay a fair fee.

    You will receive our agreement via email prior to every inspection. No unexpected extra fees or nasty surprises.

    Your inspection report will be detailed and uniquely customized for you. You won’t get one of those typical boiler plate reports.

    All mold inspections and site visits include useful mold or moisture prevention tips. We know you will benefit from a proactive approach. Read about our Mold Inspections.

    After your inspection, we will provide you with an action plan before you hire a mold removal company. This gives you and your mold removal company a better understanding on how to deal with the mold.

    We are IICRC certified mold professionals to ensure you receive the highest standards in the industry. Learn more about the IICRC here.

    Our inspectors are level one certified for Infrared Thermography. Learn about our Infrared Inspections here.

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