Do you have questions about which service(s) you need?

Take a look at how Mold Insight can help:

  • Mold Inspection and verbal summary (Introductory service for small DIY - Do It Yourself projects)
  • Mold Inspection and written report (Useful for the client and mold remediation company)
  • Mold Testing - Indoor air quality (IAQ) testing and mold lab report (Testing the air for mold spore levels, typically after mold removal)
  • Mold Inspection with verbal summary and IAQ testing (When a written report is not needed)
  • Mold Inspection, written report, indoor air quality (IAQ) testing, and mold lab report (Most comprehensive - useful for mold removal projects)


Do you have questions about the possibility of mold in your home?

There is no substitute for peace of mind, especially when you consider the health and welfare of you and your family.  

The more you understand about mold and how to deal with it the better.

moisture seepage behind wall

mold testing

mold testing equipment


Does your home smell like mold?

You may notice an odour, or something in your home that smells musty.

Without testing, there is no way to be 100% certain. Find out if mold testing is right for you.


Infrared technology is one of the best ways to find moisture without tearing your home apart!

It’s true, by using this camera, we can see subtle temperature differences on a surface, which can provide important clues to finding moisture and mold within your walls. 

The fact is, water retains heat and cold almost better than anything else, which is why Infrared inspections can be so useful for moisture and mold detection. Find out the benefits of an Infrared inspection today.

moisture ingress from outside

moisture ingress from outside