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Is Black Mold Hazardous For Your Health?

Black mold has been the topic of much debate and concern for people because of the potential health implications, costs, insurance claims and legal disputes it causes.  Although mold plays an important role in our ecosystem, by decomposing dead organic matter


Why A Mold Inspection Can Save You Precious Time And Money

Why A Mold Inspection? Are you confused when it comes to dealing with mold? Why do you need a mold inspection? If you are a Home Owner, Landlord, Real Estate Broker/Investor, Strata Manager or Contractor then you need pay attention to: Mold


Home Inspector vs Mold Inspector: Who to Hire?

What is the difference between a home inspector vs. a mold inspector, and how can each one benefit you?  As a retired building inspector and a practicing mold inspector for the past 10+ years, I can say with confidence that being


11 Tips For Finding The Best Mold Inspector

Have You Found Mold In Your Home And Need Some Advice? It has been well documented that mold exposure can cause health issues, mostly affecting, babies, toddlers, the elderly or those with respiratory issues. Typically, the majority of people suffer symptoms


Household Mold: Where To Find Mold In Your Home

Do you suspect mold is growing inside your home? Mold can and will grow indoors when the conditions are ideal, and the most important ingredient is moisture. Mold can begin to grow within 24-48 hours.  If you manage to get rid


Mold Removal: How To Find The Best Mold Removal Company

Have you been agonizing over that unsightly mold in your home? It is time to get rid of it, but what is the answer? Should you clean it up yourself or hire a company to help you? According to the EPA (Environmental Protection