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Mold Insight's Guide to Mold Prevention

Mold impacts the lives of millions of people across the nation and has no intention of stopping. Health concerns and financial setbacks are commonly associated with mold.

There is just too much inaccurate information about mold. People need to know the truth when it comes to mold, and what to do about it.

This guide has everything you will need to know about dealing with mold and controlling mold, along with simple, yet effective tips for mold prevention. It has been broken down so that it can be easily understood and you’ll get answers to the four most important questions about mold.

There are a number of photos throughout to provide context to the information. All images have been taken from past mold inspections and are 100% authentic.

  • How mold invades your home
  • How to deal with mold when you see it
  • How to control a mold problem
  • How to prevent mold from coming backy
mold inspection guide

Bottom Line:

If you want to get a handle on any mold situation, this guide is for you!

guide on mold prevention
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guide on mold prevention

11 Chapters

Each section begins with a mold related problem that is likely to affect a specific area of the home, such as crawlspace mold for example.

I’ve shared this first, to give a better overall perspective on the issues before listing off a number of preventive tips.

After reading this guide on mold prevention, you will be better informed about mold, why it exists and how to prevent mold from invading your home!

This mold prevention guide consists of 11 chapters. You can follow the guide in order or click on the specific area of your house you have concerns about. Ready? Let’s get started!

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Chapter 1 - What Is Mold?

The first chapter explains what mold is, the role it plays in our environment and when exposed to it in large quantities, how it can affect the health of you and your family. You will discover why more attention should be given to mold prevention as well as mold removal.

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Chapter 2 - 9 Types Of Mold

Chapter two is about the 9 most common types of molds you are likely to encounter in your home and how exposure to these molds can affect us, the environment in which they are thrive and their characteristics and how each mold may impact your health..

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Chapter 3 - Roof Maintenance

In this chapter you will discover the makeup of a roof and why roof maintenance cannot be ignored. You will learn how roofs are vulnerable to leaks that can lead to expensive mold damage inside your home. This chapter is detailed, interesting and eye opening!

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Chapter 4 - Attic Mold

This chapter is all about attic mold. I will talk about the possible causes that contribute to mold in the attic, how to deal with it and how remediation companies charge to remove it. Of course, the last part of the chapter is about mold prevention in the attic, so you don’t want to miss it.

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Chapter 5 - Crawlspace Mold

Crawlspaces are usually dirty, dusty, scary and can be unpleasant. Mold is a common problem in crawlspaces. Did you know that crawlspace mold can affect the living space above? If your home has a crawlspace, and you want to know the warning signs, how it happens and what to do about it, then this chapter is a must read.

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Chapter 6 - Bathroom Mold

Bathroom mold is the most common issue people call me about. Bathrooms by design attract mold, and when you read this chapter, you will know why. There are a number if contributing factors to bathroom mold. I break it down and make it easy for you, so you can pin point the problem, deal with it and prevent the mold from coming back.

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Chapter 7- Basement Mold

Basements are one of the mold common areas of mold growth in your home. Why? Because there are so many potential ways moisture can get into your home from the basement. This chapter is all about the sometimes simple and mysterious many sources of mold in your basement, how to identify it, treat it and prevent it from coming back.

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Chapter 8 - Garage Mold

Garage mold is common yet does not get the amount of attention it should. In this chapter I discuss garage mold in detail, discussing the mold common areas it is likely to be and why. By the end of this chapter, you will know exactly how to find, deal with, and prevent mold from taking over your garage.

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Chapter 9 - Kitchen Mold

Mold problems in your kitchen are easily preventable. However, when left alone a small mold problem can turn into an expensive undertaking. After reading this chapter, you will know exactly where to look to find a potential mold problem. You will discover the best mold prevention tips, and exactly how to tackle mold when you find it in your kitchen.

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Chapter 10 - Laundry Room Mold

As one of the known “wet areas” in your home, we simply cannot ignore the laundry room when it comes to mold. They are humid and set up with plumbing like kitchens and bathrooms, so the potential for mold issues is likely. This chapter will tell you everything you need to know when it comes to finding, dealing with and of course, preventing mold in your laundry room.

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Chapter 11 - Mold In Bedrooms And Common Areas

Mold seems to just sneak up out of nowhere. Often, you will notice it when you are looking for something in your closet or when you open the blinds to let some light into the home. This chapter is all about the mold you will find in the common areas of your home, such as the living room, family room, hallways, bedrooms, windows, and closets. You’ll learn some simple maintenance tips to keep it under control.